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Murrays Cottage

1 – 26 April 2020 


French singer Laura Clauzel has produced two EP releases (Paria(h), 2017 and Moan, 2019) and accompanying music videos (Golden boy, 2017 and Female, 2017).

Moved by the sensitive and instinctive musical work of French actress Ayana Uno Fuentes, Clauzel intendeds to collaborate with Fuentes to create new music during their time in Hill End.

Clauzel and Fuentes' professional careers are both focused on synchronizing and combining distinctive aesthetic qualities of different creative forms. They are both inspired by the blending of cultures and the ability of music to cross cultural borders, generate an emotional response, and bring people together.

In response to the recent Australian bushfire disaster, Clauzel plans to create music which offers a view into her personal world - a “delicate wandering through poignant and melodious songs with a percussive sound, which could affectionately be called the blue note”.

Clauzel will perform the resulting compositions at The Hill End 'Royal Hall' on Saturday 18th April 2020.


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